Monday, September 12, 2011

Team viewer Overview

Team viewer Allows You to operate another Pc from yor computer from any part of the world.
You can easily connect your friend`s pc to communicate & support  him in his pc problems.
Just you have to download teamviewer &tell your id & pass to the person you want to communicate.
Teamviewer comes with two version- Temviewer & Teamviewer Premium.
By using Teamviewer, You can only communicate other & solve his problems, But by Teamviewer Premium
You can do file transfer,voice chat, video chat & many more things.
TeamViewer GmbH was founded in 2005 in Uhingen, Germany. - Wikipedia
Here is the list of premium versions with their prices:

Lifetime license
One-time purchase price for long-term use without recurring billing
Rs. 28,500.-
Lifetime license
Rs. 57,100.-
Lifetime license
Rs. 1,25,700.-
Rs. 1,08,200.- 
Lifetime license
3 simultaneous sessions
Undecided? Try our license wizard or call us!
All-In-One: TeamViewer combines everything you need in a remote desktop solution!YesYesYes
Remote maintenance of unattended PCs or serversYesYesYes
Works properly behind firewallsYesYesYes
File transfer and real VPN channelYesYesYes
Installation on server operating systemsYesYesYes
Communication tools
VoIP, video, chat, phone conference etc.
Multi-platform support *YesYesYes
Customer modules can be individually customizedYesYesYes
TeamViewer My ComputersYesYesYes
Number of hostsunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Number of licensed workstations
from which sessions can be run

( each additional
Rs. 5,600.- )
Channels: Number of licensed workstations from which simultaneoussessions can be run1
( each additional
Rs. 34,200.- )
Number of simultaneous sessions from one workstation1 : 31 : 101 : 15
Multichannel routing for outstanding high performance-YesYes
TeamViewer Manager-YesYes
TeamViewer Web Connector-YesYes
TeamViewer Portable-YesYes
TeamViewer MSI Package--Yes
Preferred Support (12 months)--Yes

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