Sunday, September 11, 2011

Widows 8 Release Date

        Windows 8 start menu

Windows logo Microsoft is releasing there new Os windows 8 in 2012.Windows 8 ,which is available now is a edited version of windows 7.Microsoft is builiding there new Os with many new features like start menu is now opens in a new screen & you can easily run 2 programs with new window features.

Many of us are using fake windows 8 which is cooked by some editors of usa.They just upgraded the view of windows 7 but not its features.

See Buliding "Windows 8" by microsoft-

According to news report, Microsoft is looking at launching a Windows 8 tablet PC with partnership from Texas Instruments and other Taiwanese OEMs/ODMs. The tablet could launch sometime in late 2012 according to DigiTimes.
Windows 8 tablet PC display considerations - Computex 2011Microsoft’s Windows 8 demo at Computex was to a crowd of product partners for Microsoft, think ASUS etc.. During the demo Microsoft VP Michael Angiulo noted that the ideal display resolution for Windows 8 tablets will be 1366 x 768. I can guess that any potential Microsoft branded Windows 8 tablet PC will have that resolution.

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