Monday, October 10, 2011

Magic Submitter Free

One of my friend has gave me this.If you are a internet marketer or a wordpress site owner , then it is a very powerful tool for you

see the full instructions

Step 1 : Install Setup.exe 2 and Replace the cracked MagicSubmitter.exe from the zip file with the original MagicSubmitter.exe

Step 2 : Add the following to windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Step 4 : Start Magic Submitter. It will ask u for registration.

Step 5 : As email use

and click Generate Install code.

Step : 6. Copy the generated code by clicking on the small copy icon on the right side

Step : 7. Start Keygen.exe or Alugen3_6NET.exe from keygen directory.

Step : 8. Click on the "License Key Generator" tab Beside the Install Code click Field Click onPaste Code.

Step : 9. Then on the bottom right there is a green button called "Generate" click it. U will be asked to save or not (doesn affect the programm at all). Just choose yes.

Step : 10. After it click the button copy key under Generate.

Step : 11. Switch back to magicsubmitter thats still running and Paste code into License Key

Step : 12. Click Register. ( It should say Registration successful)

Note after First time Successful Registering, it might say Invaild License inside the software for the first time. Just close the software and start it again. The Error wont come back again

Step : 13. After Starting Magic submitter again, it will ask for Update. Make it update in order to get the latest v20 database!

Step : 14. After update it might say "license error etc..", just close it and start magic submitter and you will have Magic submitter fully working!

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